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Hi Kelly here, sorry its been so long since I wrote not 've been very, very busy that has happened, which was the night before. I did what I never thought I would do if ii to ' m honest, I feel very strange about him, but H asked me to write to you all, as always do my best, so here goes think. Last night we had the feeling after a couple of sessions of the hot afternoon, we decided to go to one of our dogging places to see if any effect on the letters he had, but has never been in the form that is expected to cool. So, after lying with my pussy poor sperm drops the day I cleaned, dressed to fuck my boots, we went in the car brought. did my usual, rode in H, twilightsex a couple of fingers in my pussy got tight then licked my fingers courageous, also cum H `s big dick flip out with my pussy juice. That made me very ready to have fun hot H filthy dogging. As we parkedthere was only one other car there, so we sat kissing jokes for a short time and then said: H: ' I ​​think there's only one man in the car, but his inner light flashing. ' Suggested that we should go a near miracle to bring your car, so I went on foot to the other car feel like twilightsex a real bitch know in my tartan mini, white blouse my boots, which attracted to what we were doing, as we , which is twilightsex about the car that came out was a very attractive man, not unlike the H in the sights of the department, was presented as the D, HD shook hands then we went walking through the bushes between the parking lot on the beach . with two men rubbed semi-hard cock fills me with emotion, billing i sight of cock cock was in action, both men turned to each other their now rock hard cocks are out OH initiated mutual masturbation mY GOD my pussy just started dripping like a faucet leaking badly, as this type of action makes me so hottwo cute boys wanking cock there, I looked at H ' s cock cock iv his most georgeous ' s always only had to get on my knees to suck in a short time was in my throat with my lips touch his balls great with just so hot that I started to piss me mmm felt so good / cool then I felt the game D ' s on my finger wet / Pissy pussy stopped sucking me immediately jumped tell H that I was only seeing he could not win then H turned casually said 'Kelly just relax baby who can not be on their knees sucking cock pee as he does not expect to start playing with her pussy ' wash at the time that a wave of fear / twilightsex confusion, but the horn I wondered what would come next, then wrapped his hands around H garbage whispered in my ear while licking 'Baby Kelly you a very dirty whore i ' ma dirty bastard, I think it wit so damn hoth until the two cocks. ' I was completely stunned, as it never was all that we have spoken had I twilightsex really was not interested in other twilightsex people, but the more she whispered in my ear as I came corneal especially when he said : 'I 'll never do anything that does not want, but I really think that you play the shit twice to be ' I can not deny I have the sensation caused by the situation as agreed. I was then back to the parking lot on the hood of D ' s car started fingering my pussy to tell them to start sucking established Hahn, has to D H locked knee all the way down her throat with such force that aims quickly had H to tell to stop or he was going to run very fast, now had four fingers in my pussy really enjoy the twilightsex show. H is then at me licking my pussy, but he had grabbed D pulled it when it licks pussy sucking between alternatives D ' s tail could have my tits, then D started sucking my nipplesOh, my God, tHe was so dirty, I was so horny then just HD ` s rubbing my clit barking until I totally get away with it was the face H ' s, pointing to my thighs as I had a very strong orgasm, do not inject if not i `v came with such force before it was lush. D then a blanket from his car, she was on the ground then straddled H started to get his brain, his cock felt inside of me it was just so good to grind was very hard for twilightsex about 4 or 5 times, it appeared that only 2 or 3 minutes, I actually had my pussy shudder at all times. H then told me to turn my ass foot feels in the face that I did well to spread my juices lubricated pussy with his tongue round ass sticks his finger in the ass to me then sat tight ass stretch I whined his big cock a little at first, but once it had begun to grind on it, have stretched that only began to feel very well at the point where I walk like a bitch full D yells his cock still pushingthe bottom of my pussy was, what the hell am I? This was not true but I just felt so good I twilightsex 'm at a point of no return, he stood between my legs, was rammed his cock all the way to twilightsex me it felt so good to fuck both my holes, I felt so full feeling, I could easily just roll my eyes drifting around like sex I can feel drunk. H was fucking her ass so hard that it hurt, but my pussy as hard twilightsex pleasureably D, I would say that children were not far, running Sun D H I got attracted me, began to masturbate each other, I was in the order in a way that twilightsex it was, again many times I like the show, as they both took their own tails in their hands, so I knelt, where H is pulling the strings of string in my hot cum first face in my mouth twilightsex seconds later D's sperm shot his accession to bark h ' s so almost crying with joy. I twilightsex was drenched in semen, twilightsex but so happy, after both men were readyHe kissed me on both licked my face clean all the cum out, cleaned it myself then, then kissed me and thanked D high ceiling left. H walked back to our car, where H I leaned on the hood without speaking forcefully took me until the next load in me, and then we shot was in the car, asked on the way home, H , what I thought I ' d only done to which I replied ' I was surprised that was different, that was a fantasy of yours, but still it was great while, but I do not know is that I to repeat something, ' he just smiled, thanked him, when we got home to sleep, I took another to do before going to sleep, it was a bit of a strange experience for me as I ' m thinking about this but, i ' d let you all know, I have to go, because I have a busy night ahead, bye for now, Kelly. X
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